The Sales Race App is a NetSuite integrated web app (SuiteApp) which provides users unique GPS routing capabilities from addresses on NetSuite records. Different algorithms are selected based on the number of input locations, in order to produce results in a responsive manner. For large sets of points, the returned solution will be approximate.

Sales Race App possesses a mobile friendly, recognizable user interface, similar to facebook’s phone app. Users are able to login, then manipulate points of interest from data pulled out of NetSuite to get an ideal GPS friendly route which they can then send to their google maps app on their phone.

How it Works

Based upon Sales Rep and Administration roles from within NetSuite, the user is able to pick and choose an assortment of personalized results based upon record ownership and representation. They are then able to login and query their represented records based upon a selection dropdown. Users can also query NetSuite for a generalized address search not related to record ownership. A general address search is based upon the user’s actual access to records in NetSuite.

The Sales Race App’s architecture and behavior can be broken up into two separate function-groups handling the application’s sourcing from NetSuite and the Google Maps API. Users first query NetSuite to get addresses which are then sent to the google maps api to plot and route.

The software delivered in this iteration is fully functional in that it is capable of building complex routes of up to 100 points. These routes are easily editable and sent to the google maps app on ipone and android devices. New algorithms, dictionary handlers, and formatters can be developed by Sixred professionals using the existing interface code as a template.

1.2 Authorized Use Permission

Usage of this software is limited to its owner via the terms of its development. Sales Race App is wholly owned by Sixred, and may not be used or referenced without their express consent.
1.3 Points of Contact

1.3.1 Information
For additional information, Team Sixred can be contacted through Project Leader/ TCN Liaison Scott Brown (

Once the user has been qualified as a sales race app user, the application holds their e-mail and role information in a dropdown on the left hand side of the app:


Users have three initial options of input before they can click the search button. These options are:

1. Start Address
a. The start address can be any address defined as ex. 5405 Falling Leaves Lane, McFarland, WI 53558, or in a similar address format.
2. User’s Personalized NetSuite Search
a. A user has the option of defining a personalized search based on a checkbox on customer records. The user selects specific customers that THEY REPRESENT which allows the search to be tailored towards the specific NetSuite User:


3. Zip Code(s)
a. The user has the OPTION of doing a general search with a zip code filter. However, if a customized NetSuite search is not defined, a ZIP CODE IS REQUIRED!


2.3 Search Submission

After the user has input data, a search is automatically done to connect to NetSuite addresses. If zip is empty and no customer search is defined or no input data is found in either 1 and 2. The user will receive an error alert. If data is found in 1 or 2, the system will alert the user that it is about to plot points and route.

During the process, a NetSuite Query is sent to find addresses based upon zip code(s) and/or their personalized NetSuite customer addresses. Cities are currently returned, verifying that NetSuite has successfully found addresses based upon input data. The city return may change in the future. If there is a successful NetSuite query, a pop-up will show this success.


2.4 Status Options

After cities have been found, the user now has the option of filtering their customers more based upon the stage of that customer.

3.0 MAP IT!

Plotting, Routing, Editing, and Sending to Phone
3.1 Clicking the MAP IT button

After stage and cities are selected, the user will click the MAP IT button. This button assumes responsibility for plotting points on the Google Map as well as creating a dynamic route. The user will see the following in order:

1) Red plotting points will be seen populating on the map, however, if more than 100 points are available, an alert will tell the user that too many points are present.

2) After points are plotted, a calculation pop-up will display who’s process is using lat and long points from addresses to create the BEST ROUTE POSSIBLE for the user. After the calculation is finished, the user will see that the route has been created by the black legs between points, and the numbers which shows the suggested route in numbered order.

3.1.1 Observing Directions

The user can now see the directions by clicking on the “SHOW DIRECTIONS” button

3.1.2 GPS to Phone

Now that the user knows what order to go to each address, they may use the Sales Race App as A SORT OF CHECKLIST. They can GPS each address separately to their Iphone or Android device IF THEY HAVE THE GOOGLE MAPS APP on their phone.

3.1.3 Edit Route

The user also has the option to edit their route in real time. They are able to click on addresses and move them up or down. They are also able to DELETE addresses accordingly. If addresses are manipulated in any way during the process, the map and directions are updated in REAL TIME!